Break Blocks
Available Now!

Break Blocks is a genre-blending, color and rhythm puzzle game. You play as a young B-Boi on a quest to become the world's top break dancer by battling against foes like Disco Vampires, Hip-Hop Zombies, and Break Dancing Robots.
It Hungers!
Available Now!

Rampage through the city streets in this one button arcade game! You are Hungry and you must eat, and people are on the menu! Just don't let them spot you!
Slash `em Up
Coming Soon!

Stuck in the nightmare game world dreamed up by Albert, the maligned game designer, you must race through all of his traps and schemes. SL'UP is a multi-player, deathmatch platformer to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux.
Coming Soon!

Taking the First Person Shooter to where it's never been before. We kept the player movement quick, but slowed the bullets down to create the ultimate skill based shooter. Strategize, aim, and most of all dodge!
Swipe Attack
Coming Eventually!

Grab your iPad and challenge your friend to a duel with Swipe Attack! Swipe Attack is a social game where you and a friend both play on the same screen. Blast the ball into your opponent's goal in order to win!